Pro-Bono Package
I'd like to help you heal your inner self & to believe in yourself ! 
This package offer will consist of 3 to 5 - 60 min sessions , working  together to 
  • learn to practice self forgiveness
  • set boundaries and renew values
  • allow your emotions to flow & overcome stress & anxiety
  • increase self confidence & grow in Self-Love
  • become your best friend
A Dragonfly symbolises change ,transformation & new beginnings.It is a reminder to shed more light & joy in your life.
A Dragonfly encourages you to dive into your emotions & asks your spirit to soar with their true colours. Have you seen a Dragonfly in the sunshine? It is gorgeous!
Are you ready to Dance like a Dragonfly?
Don't delay book you first 60 min Pro Bono session now:

*** Please note: no bookings available Feb 17th - 27th March 2023 **

All I ask in return is, an honest testimonial after your transformation. There will also be a questioner to complete before commencing.