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31 Jan

Tag along for the ride....

A caravan road & off road trip full of fun

D aily shares

V ideo's of Yoga & Meditations

E nergising Breath Work & Movement

N urturing Nature at it's best

T ime to re-connect Body, Mind & Soul

U nder the Sun or Moon rays

R eflecting on Life

E ngaging the Heart

Join me on this journey, I will be posting an assortment of information, pictures of mother nature in all her glory. First stop will be Bathurst NSW moving on via the Hay Plains to Port Lincoln for a stay so as to check out all the beauty & dive with the Great Whites. Then slowly on to Mt Gambier for The Red Hot Summer concert. Homeward bound via Wagga Wagga then to Bega where casual stopovers along the coast to home.

I am so excited for the next trip & equally excited to have you along. I promise you lots of fun and learning along the way. Departure is 17th Feb. 


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