Focusing on Inner Healing the Heart

with Toni-Lee

  •  23/04/2023 10:00 AM - 23/04/2023 03:00 PM
  •   68 Old Coach Road, Limeburners Creek NSW, Australia

A retreat where I will share techniques & self help tools, that you can practise Yourself for Yourself. I have been practising these techniques & using these tools for over 4 years & a walking proof they work. They are what helped get me through Breast Cancer, treatment & operations twice in 5 years. I truly "Feel Good Within" and want others to feel it too. The choice is yours!

  •  28/01/2023 03:00 PM
  •   21 Grey Street, Clarence Town NSW, Australia

Fun & creative entertainment for children of all ages. Allowing them to use their imagination, painting and designing through rock painting. All supplies included. Please wear comfortable clothes , maybe bring an apron or old shirt. Please note: Children under school age may require a parent to assist.

  •  27/01/2023 10:30 AM
  •   Boatfalls Drive, Clarence Town NSW, Australia

Story time with a touch of Yoga & Fun. 1 hour of Interactive entertainment for the kiddies. ( Children under 5 years may need an adult to assist) * Numbers are limited - make sure to book your child/ren in.

  •  20/01/2023 10:30 AM
  •   Boatfalls Drive, Clarence Town NSW, Australia

Story time with a touch of Yoga & Fun. 1 hour of Interactive entertainment for the kiddies. ( Children under 5 years may need an adult to assist) * Numbers are limited - make sure to book your child/ren in.

  •  16/01/2023 10:00 AM - 16/01/2023 12:00 PM
  •   68 Old Coach Road, Limeburners Creek NSW, Australia

A party for all children to create and use their imagination. Have some fun and paint a bee rock or rainbow rock. All materials are supplied, but please make sure to wear old clothes or apron and comfy clothes. Bring along juice or water for drinking. Mozzie spray as we will be outside but under cover. Children under 5 years are welcome but a parent must assist with them. Numbers are limited so book early so as not to miss out.

  •  13/01/2023 10:30 AM
  •   Boatfalls Drive, Clarence Town NSW, Australia

Story time with a touch of Yoga & Fun. 1 hour of Interactive entertainment for the kiddies. ( Children under 5 years may need an adult to assist) * Numbers are limited - make sure to book your child/ren in.

  •  28/12/2022 07:15 AM
  • Online Event

Free Guided Meditation - Anchoring Heart 7.15am each week morning approx 15mins Live on Facebook - Yoga in your Space

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"The authentic self is your soul made visible" - Sarah Ban Breathnach -

Focusing on Inner Healing
  • Somatic & Hatha Yoga
  • Healing Meditations & Breath work
  • Intuitive Readings & Coaching from the Heart
  • Women's Circle
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Reiki healing 
  • Day Retreats
  • Workshop for Inner Wellness 
Guiding You to Awaken Your True Authentic Self by beginning your healing  process to  Listen, Feel , Breathe & Think from your Heart. Learn to heal yourself by becoming aware of your inner emotions. Bring balance & focus within. Live from Your Heart and be You, the real You!

Yoga is a holistic approach to stress that naturally involves the Mind, Body & Spirit. Through regular practice of poses & somatic movement you set yourself on a path of self discovery that is grounded in self-care, awakening awareness allowing you to befriend & know what it is to be your true authentic self.
Breath work to embody Self-Love. A powerful self healing modality to help release your fear-based mind  & tap into the power of your heart to live a more love centred & aware life.
Meditation the most direct and quickest route to self-awareness & learning to truly love yourself. Teaching us about compassion, forgiveness & acceptance. "A way to connect with yourself."


Spiritual yoga  image

I believe in Being Me, Truly Me & Why Not! I am not afraid of who I am, are you? I share with women my wisdom. Wisdom, I have learnt through many experiences throughout my life. I spent many years caring for others whilst leaving myself behind. It took me till I was in my 50's when I got Breast Cancer (scary shit) that I learnt to open my eyes & truly see, to listen & hear what my inner self was telling & to open my heart. To live my life for Me!

About Toni-Lee imageAbout Toni-Lee imageAbout Toni-Lee image

Cancer changed my life, for the better. I won't lie it has been truly testing and sometimes downright hell, but it has awakened so much inside me. Life is so very different now & I have finally accepted myself for who I am & I love it.
I now follow my inner self & my heart. I do what makes me feel good. I love to share, meditate, crochet, dance, music, mother nature, having fun and smiling. I love to make people happy & see them smile. I feel blessed and have a beautiful studio "Dragonflys Den" with the bush around me, a dam , lots of birds & wild life.The energy is awesome.
I am a certified 350hr Yoga Teacher, Reiki 1 , Spiritual Life Coach , Intuitive Healer, Reader of Tarot, Oracle Cards & Akashic Records. And an adventurer.
I believe we all have everything we need inside of us, we just need help to set it free.

My heart is guiding me to share my wisdom with others who are struggling ,stuck or are just in need of a little love and nurturing in their life right now. I love the feeling in my heart , it makes me so happy & wonderful when my experiences, knowledge, skills or beliefs help to bring a smile to someones face or a sparkle to their eyes as they "Feel Good Within"
Blessings from my Heart to Yours    xxx     Toni-Lee    xxx

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A dragonfly symbolises change , transformation & new beginnings. It is a reminder to shed more light & joy in your life.
A dragonfly encourages you to dive into your emotions and asks your spirit to soar with your true colors. Have you seen a dragonfly in the sunshine? It is gorgeous!
It encourages us to be adaptable, creative and inspired even if it means changing the way we act or think so we can achieve our full potential.
A dragonfly asks you to express your true feelings as you stand in your authentic self and speak your truth in grace and love. So a dragonfly meaning can be summarised as ‘transformation to become who we really are.’
What do dragonflies mean? A dragonfly asks us to break free from our illusions. As it reflects light, it asks us to reflect our inner light.
We generally see dragonflies near water bodies. And water represents emotions and the unconscious part of the soul. Therefore, seeing dragonflies could mean that we should explore our feelings, emotions, and the inner-self, although in a joyful and light manner.
A dragonfly spends most of its life underwater in the nymph and larval form. And even when it emerges from the water, it is colorless and plain. No sooner does it seek the light, than it transforms into a beautiful creature that is fast, beautiful, and even alert and motivated like a warrior.
The Dance of the Dragonfly
It cleanses space with dance
Fire burns like a thousand suns
Within its soul
Sun catching its wings
Brightness to its gaze
Transforming the days
Flitting, flying, hovering.
Forging a path for its journey within
It dances a space so sacred, so rare
Dances with the sun in a sky so fair
The trance of dragonfly dance

Therefore, the answer to the question: what is the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly is that you should be ready for a change. The dragonfly tells you that you are on the right track and that you should continue doing what you do because positive transformation is on the horizon.
"Garth C. Clifford"

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are" - Carl Jung
Pre -Adventure Feb- Mar 2023
1 min read

"Feel Good Within"
By connecting Body, Mind & Soul & bringing awareness to their Inner & Outer Self.


Give respect  - Get respect. To accept others as they are & not try to change them. Building trust, safety & well-being in relationships.By listening to others, empathise with different perspectives, show gratitude & compliment achievements of others.


Share love and feel from the heart. One of the most important human needs because everyone wants to love & be loved. The act of caring & giving to someone else. Having someone's best interest & well-being as a priority in your life. 


A conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance towards a person who may have harmed you, regardless or wether they actually deserve your forgiveness.


"To suffer together"  Feel deeply for another as they experience the ups & downs associated with life. Not just to show someone you care, but to show them that you care by being their before they even ask. 

- put yourself in someone else's shoes

- practice kindness

- relax your judgements

- practice presence (be fully present)

- practice self-care

To share with all women, wisdom I have gained through my good & bad life lessons, studies, practises & personal experiences. Offering support to grow, by helping themselves to make their choices & changes needed to "Feel Good Within".
  • 68 Old Coach Road, Limeburners Creek NSW, Australia
  • Dragonfly's Den - Studio

"Whenever you should doubt your self-worth remember the Lotus flower .... Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect it's growth or beauty."

Somatic Yoga Sample

Somatic Yoga Sample

Sample of Somatic Yoga - focusing on the pelvis

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